Opinion Outpost – The Pros and Cons

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To get paid to take surveys you need to be “in the know” or you will waste a LOT of time. With Opinion Outpost, there are several Pros and Cons which I will outline below. However, before I do that I want to tell you that you can still use this survey company.

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The Pros of Opinion Outpost

  • Good customer service reviews
  • Quick payments
  • Many rewards
  • Ad exposure setting on your profile
  • Low minimum payout
  • Some surveys that pay high value

The Cons of Opinion Outpost

  • The profile surveys are a pain and you don’t get paid for them
  • Opinion Outpost only works in the USA, Canada, and the UK
  • You can get screened out of a survey
  • A Paypal account is a necessity for cash payment

So, overall I would say that this Opinion Outpost Review highlights more Pros than Cons and is definitely worth joining. BUT before you decide to join, you should check out our hack first, then you can sign up. If you want to multiply your survey earnings that is.