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Games on smartphones have become increasingly important today. Many even do without a console or a computer, because with the smartphone you are able to play games like on the computer. This is the reason why the different stores are full of games for mobile devices. But is it possible to make money from it? We would like to introduce you to this in this article using the provider MistPlay.

What is MistPlay anyway?

MistPlay is a provider that rewards you for playing smartphone apps with vouchers. The app monitors the time you play a game or what successes you collect in a game, and then you get an internal currency for it. You can then redeem these afterward for various vouchers. Thus, with the provider MistPlay, it is possible to generate an income with coupons by playing and testing apps.

Getting started with MistPlay?

First, as with many apps, you need to visit the Playstore. The app is simply downloaded and installed. Unfortunately, the app is only available for an Android smartphone. Once you have everything installed, you can start and you can earn vouchers with MistPlay. You can now find out what further steps are to be taken in the detailed test.

Signing up for MistPlay

The registration runs quite identically to other portals which have already been tested by us. After the first start of the application you have the possibility to register with an email or via Facebook. After that you need to give the app access to monitor other apps. This permission is important to count the duration you invest in one of the downloaded games. This permission is typical for providers of this format and unfortunately mandatory, otherwise unfortunately no exact or no tracking of your in-app activities is possible.

And how can I make money?

The function

The app offers you two ways to get vouchers. On the one hand, and this is the main way, the download of games and the testing or playing of the same. The app monitors the duration of the game time. In some games, you get well-written units after two to five minutes, but for others, it can take longer. Often, however, it does not matter the duration, but also what progress you achieve in the game. You can earn about 20 to 200 units per game. But don’t forget, the longer you play a game, the higher your reward can be.

The other way to make money is to promote friends. Your advertised friend will immediately receive 50 units after registration with your code. Each time your friend earns 200 Units, you’ll also get 100 Units on your internal account. If you have now invited many friends, there is a lot of potential in this function and can definitely pay off.

The currency

Within the app, you will be remunerated with so-called units. You can redeem them for vouchers if enough of them have been collected. The redemption of the vouchers is quite uncomplicated and can be reached quickly and easily from the homepage of the app.


Some time ago, the range of vouchers to be redeemed was still quite extensive. These ranged from Amazon, Google Play, Facebook, and Co. to VISA gift Cards. After a change, however, it is only possible to choose between VISA gift Cards and Steam Cards. At this point, that is not enough. Other providers have numerous other payment options, such as mobile phone credits. MistPlay has made a significant leap back through this step. At this point: homework not done. The competition is much better.

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Privacy: Is my data secure at MistPlay?

Visit The website of the provider you will immediately find the data protection declaration as well as the terms of use with one click.

Often, as with many providers of this type, you need to grant extended access to your smartphone. This is the function of the app, because without these accesses, the app cannot monitor your progress. Surely it is possible not to give the permission at this point, however, the function of the app is strongly limited or the tracking of your game data almost impossible.

More interesting details about Mistplay

Also important with this app is that your account should you be inactive for more than 180 days, will be deleted. Thus, your credit if you have not yet exchanged it for vouchers.

Other features of MistPlay

The main function is as already described above that earn coupons by means of mobile games. However, the provider advertises additional functions.

✓ ? Chat with your friends or find new ones in the game chat.
✓ ? Upgrade your avatar to unlock achievements and earn units faster.
✓ ? Invite friends to Mistplay and earn more together!
✓ ? Stay connected and follow your favorite players!
✓ ? Compete against other players to be in the game’s leaderboards.

The entire offer is very extensive and based on an active community.

What does the community say about the provider?

Of course, it is also important to look at the reviews of other users of the app, because these are also important to get an overall impression.

The app was rated on Google Play as a whole quite similar to ours. The majority gives the provider between 4 and 5 stars. A total of almost 48,000 reviews (as of 09/19) were submitted to the provider and this results in an overall rating of 4.4 stars.

Our review

What I personally like most about MistPlay is that this question can be answered quickly. You are not forced to play with this app, because you have several ways to get to Units. Also, the registration runs very uncomplicatedly and the provider is completely free. What unfortunately has not succeeded well, that you can exchange your credit exclusively in vouchers. Here I would at least like a way to be able to withdraw the units to my PayPal account. But for someone who likes to play on their smartphone, the app is just the thing.

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