Channel Points on Twitch

The Channel Points System has now recently been in Early Access with selected people on Twitch and I would like to give you a small overview of how this works and what it can do!

With the newly introduced system, viewers can now collect points on channels and then use them for different things! Many have wanted this feature for a long time and have previously resorted to external services and bots.

Currently, only invited persons can use this feature. In addition, you have to be an affiliate or partner to receive an invitation. Little by little, more people will be invited to test this feature on Twitch! If you want to sit on the list, you can do so here: -> registration <- Not every registration leads to an invitation.

The new system can be found by people who have been unlocked in their dashboard.

The whole thing must be activated by you. Then you have different possibilities to make changes and adapt the system to your channel, your brand and your needs.

Twitch has made some settings by default: What and how many points are distributed and a handful of rewards that can be redeemed. You can change all this completely according to your wishes:

  • You can give the points system a name
  • You can set for what points are awarded (watch, raid, watch streak, etc)
  • You can set how many points are awarded for each of the individual actions
  • You can add an icon for the rewards
  • You can add your own rewards

If you have stopped awarding points and given the system a name, you can set what points are awarded for. You can use the suggestions provided by Twitch or deselect individual ones.

With the rewards, it’s a little bit different: You can select the ones suggested by Twitch individually, decide how many points have to be spent on them or add your own. If you add rewards = rewards yourself, remember to enter a title, a description and a sum. In addition, you have the option of setting the background color of the window for the viewer, and how often a reward may be used per stream. Furthermore, you can turn on that the viewer must enter a text (host name, raid name, etc)!

What can the points system be used for?

  • Viewers can decide who will be ratt/-hosted next
  • His message can be highlighted in the stream
  • Ask me Anything
  • Task to the streamer
  • Song request
  • Play sounds
  • A shoutout in the stream
  • Play next round
  • For 24th use a T1 emote that otherwise only subs are available
  • and everything else you can think of

So that you don’t lose track of who did what where when, in the stream, all redeemed rewards appear in the Activity Feed in your dashboard. There you can also open a pop-up window to show you only the rewards.

In addition, you can decide here whether to take the reward or reject it. The rewards are displayed chronologically. In the left column you can see the total number of rewards that are open, and distributed to the tasks individually again. If it is too much for you, you can temporarily pause the whole thing via the button at the top! By the way: If you reject a reward, the viewer gets his points back!

Important: If you add a reward yourself, you have to adhere to certain rules – you can currently find them here (I will cover them in another post).

As a viewer, you usually don’t have to do much more than watch. But also actively participate in raids or tasks set by the streamer can earn you more points. To accept the points, you have to click once within 30 seconds under the chat at “Claim Points”, and the points will be credited to your account. Your current score will always be displayed.

If you click on the score below, a small window opens in which the rewards of the channel are displayed, provided with the sum of points for which they can be used.

Subscribers of a channel have unlocked a mulitplier that gives them more points for actions. To unlock a reward, click on the reward and follow the instructions. Maybe you need to select something else, or enter a text.

The complete points system is still at the very beginning and will certainly be revised over time.

In another post, I will discuss the FAQ and the “Channel Points Acceptable Use Policy” – because this function should not be abused either.

According to the current state, I do not know whether points can be taken over / imported from other systems – since I have not read anything in this regard, I would suspect that it is currently not possible.