Arbi - ICO Legal services and Escrow #1

Our mission is to protect investor's funds during ICO
and to provide a full range of legal services to ICO teams.


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For whom


Thanks to a wide network of partners in key off- and on-shore jurisdictions and 10 years of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) transactions, asset protection practices and the construction of holding structures, Arbi offers potential customers the following services:

  • Selection of the jurisdiction of the issuing company and the bank, within the framework of which it is better to conduct ICO
  • Development of documentation required for ICO, drafting and analysis of documents for AML \ KYC procedures
  • Opening of accounts in banks and payment systems
  • Development of the legal structure of the token
  • Development of a mechanism for the adoption of fiat funds during ICO
  • For investors

    Maximum security and safety of the invested funds. In case of ICO’s non-compliance with the established obligations or its unreasonable failure to meet the deadlines, the reserved funds are returned.

  • For projects

    Allows to comfirm the intention of the start-up ICO to create a completely finished product, which was announced at the start of the campaign and to increase the attractiveness of the project for conservative Investors who have high investment's protection requirements.

  • For experts

    Offers the opportunity to provide their services as an Escrow agent, enhance their reputation and experience and to become a member of the growing community of experts in ICO escrow sphere

What is Escrow?
Escrow is a method to increase the security of collection, storage and distribution of funds received in ICO.
Escrow implies multi-sig technology, where the decision to launch each subsequent round of ICO financing is made not only by the Project's team,
but also by independent Experts.
How does it work?
Our mission
Investors funds protection during ICO
  • Security

    To ensure investment's protection by attracting relevant experts

  • Transparency

    To increase the transparency of the expenditure of funds, received during ICO

  • Escrow

    To introduce the practice of Escrow employment during ICO

  • Confidence

    To increase the level of confidence of potential Investors in ICO process by reducing the risk of fraud

  • Community

    To create a community of experts in ICO escrow sphere

Clients and our services
  • Aleksandr Malkov
    CEO, Co-Founder   
    International business lawyer, certified legal advisor on blockchain technology
  • Dominik Shpota
    CFO, Co-Founder   
    Entrepreneur, Financial Director of, Managing Partner of SB Burgers
  • Dmitry Mishunin
    IT Business Partner   
    Entrepreneur, Coach, Troubleshooter, with 10 years of management experience in IT. Developed several large ecommerce projects. Founded an internet marketing agency and a software development studio. Advisor to Aggregion.
  • Elie Galam
    Financial Advisor   
    A mathematician and alternative investments expert, founded of Panorama Partners in 2011, a 40 Billion dollars quantitative hedge fund. Advisor to Bancor and Legolas Exchange
  • Jayanand Sagar
    Advisor, News BTC Business Developer   
    Jayanand is a Seasoned Entrepreneur, Loves creating new products. Hustler, Hacker and Hipster. Believer in Business Models. Advisor to KickICO, VOISE and Rocket ICO
  • Maria Agranovskaya
    International Legal blockchain Expert   
    Managing Partner at GRAD Legal & Fin Advisory and AGOR Partners
  • Carlos Paschalides
    International advisor   
    Corporate Law Specialist of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Desmond Marshall
    ICO advisor   
    Founder and Managing Director of Rouge Ventures, member of the global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Simon Cocking
    ICO advisor   
    Senior Editor Irish Tech News, #10 in world’s most influential fintech voices on Twitter, #30 in Global Fintech Influencers to follow, Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain People

Escrow is a method to increase the security of collecting, storing and distributing funds received during ICO using a multisig wallet.

Investors' money is accumulated on a multisig wallet, which operates on the principle of 3-of-4 signatures (2 selected experts for a specific project, Arbi team and ICO team). Thus, the funds are transferred to the ICO team upon each successful stage.

ICO's obligations and deadlines for each stage of the project are reflected in Whitepaper and RoadMap. If ICO team is not fulfilling those, the funds are returned to investors.

At least two Experts are selected for each ICO-client: legal and technical. More information about the selection procedure and experts operations can be found in our Whitepaper.